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Thank you for an amazing 4 years!

4 years ago on Valentine's Day, I came home from work and announced I was opening CLOTH. We were in business within just a few short months and the next few years flew by. It's funny how life works out because 4 years later on Valentine's Day marks our last day in business as CLOTH (and no, that wasn't planned!)

CLOTH has been a labor of love to say the least and so much more than just a business to me and my family. It's been a second living room for my kids, a place where little friends gather to play, a place where new mothers gather to talk, an amazing community of educators helping new families figure things out. CLOTH meant that I was able to keep my second child at home with me (well, at CLOTH with me) well into toddlerhood. And yes, it's a fun place to shop for both special things and necessary things.

...but it's not our last day in business. CLOTH is growing up and getting a new name. Partnering with The Nesting House, we get to see so many of the dreams we have for our little store come to life. More new products, a bigger team of people ready to help our customers, and an amazing buy-sell-trade component that I know will be perfect for South Philly families!

Visit to shop, view our calendar of events, or start a gift registry!

The new South Philly location will be opening on Saturday, Feb.18th at our same address, 1605 East Passyunk Avenue. We hope you'll join us that day for the grand opening!

With gratitude and all the love in the world, 

Angela, Shai, Elliot & Liv

cloth diaper store philadelphia
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