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This post categorized under Vector and posted on March 2nd, 2019.
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The overall dipole moment of a molecule may be approximated as a vector sum of bond dipole moments. As a vector sum it depends on the relative orientation of the bonds so that from the dipole moment information can be deduced about the molecular geometry.In chemistry polarity is a separation of electric charge leading to a molecule or its chemical groups having an electric dipole moment with a negatively charged end and a positively charged end.Electric dipole pair of equal and opposite electric charges the centres of which are not coincident. An atom in which the centre of the negative cloud of electrons has been shifted slightly away from the nucleus by an external electric field constitutes an induced electric dipole.

Geomagnetic field magnetic field associated with the Earth. It primarily is dipolar (i.e. it has two poles these being the north and south magnetic poles) on the Earths surface. Away from the surface the dipole becomes distorted. Earth geomagnetic fieldCurrents in Earths core generate aThis tutorial is directed at the discussion of dipole (DP) and open baffle (OB) speakers system employing flat baffles various design considerations and their differences and similarities.The electrons constituting a chemical bond are simultaneously attracted by the electrostatic fields of the nuclei of the two bonded atoms. In a homonuclear molecule such as O 2 the bonding electrons will be shared equally by the two atoms.

The magnetic moment of a magnet is a quantity that determines the force that the magnet can exert on electric currents and the torque that a magnetic field will exert on it.AEA Pix Model Band(s) Gain Type Quicknote AEA IsoLoop 10-30 MHz - dB Motorized Hi-Q loop AEA Isopole 144 Jr.2 m dB Vertical base AEA Isopole 144 Sr.2 m 3 dBd15.1 LIMB LEADS PRECONDITIONS SOURCE Two-dimensional dipole (in the frontal plane) in a fixed location CONDUCTOR Infinite homogeneous volume conductor or homogeneous sphere with the dipole in its center (the trivial solution)(Magnetic) Dipole Moment (m) - a quantity that describes the torque a given magnet will experience in an external magnetic field. Some folks (like physicists) use a magnetic dipole model to simulate or mathematically model a magnet or group of magnets.

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